Business Advisory

Core services

- Strategy Formulation
- Strategy Execution
- Performance Improvement and Turnaround Management
- Transformation and Change Management

Additional services

- Mergers and Restructuring
- Emerging Market Strategies
- Economic and Market Analysis
- Corporate Finance (with select partners)


At QDS, our focus is on guiding and aiding businesses to make clear, informed decisions to traverse new growth paths towards their business and personal success.

Ultimately, our value lies in providing insights that are relevant, remarkable and embraced by decision makers, as their own so that behaviours, attitudes and transformations may result in a love of excellence.

Our business advisory services sets out to:

  1. Create an enabling environment for increased personal drive and enhanced job satisfaction.
  2. Provide strategies and operational models that cater for in-depth analysis and measurements whilst maintaining focus on key, accepted business goals and objectives.
  3. To inculcate cultures of supra efficiency and increased self and business awareness, so that day-to-day challenges are met with an attitude of ease and excellence.
  4. To simplify, monitor, measure and track our clients’ obvious and hidden barriers to success.


We confirm that in 2014 we were ready to transform our business from a small to medium sized enterprise. We called upon the services of QDS to assist us in this regard. They were professional, considerate , alive to our required bespoke preferences and extremely thorough. They had no qualms about continuously revising the offered solutions until it aligned with our vision. Unlike other consulting houses we have dealt with previously, QDS did not impose a cut and paste solution that our business was forced to adopt to, but instead worked to our pace and comfort and developed a unique proposition on our behalf. We highly recommend QDS for service, dedication and unique driven solutions.
Posted By: Director, Global Vehicle Testing
Working with QDS was a blessing to our business. We would like to thank Leyya from QDS for what we refer to as an awakening, opening our minds to our true potential by tackling that which ails businesses and their owners. Most often it’s not the lack of business neither the ability to perform, but rather the relationship between businesses , their owners as well as its customers. Having someone work closely with you in clearing up what seems to be business jargon became exciting and we were able to see what we had, who we were and ultimately where we would like to go, not forgetting all the forces both internal ( business and personally) and externally ( market, geo-economics and customers) that would influence the journey of a business.

Playing the dual role in balancing the playing field from both the personal and business relationships, Leyya was able to hold a space and maintain it, providing a sound foundation for team to come to the clarity of what we were seeking. Once this was achieved it was easy for all involved to see the next logical steps and the path we should follow to reach our intended successes, making the operational strategy logical, practical and within the scope of our understanding. From this point the taps of inspiration started to flow more freely allowing the essence of our intent to manifest in all areas of our business, and it didn’t stop there, this filtered down to the staff as the change management strategy was well received making it better received by all involved. We wish you all the best with your business well into the future, and looking forward to our next engagement. ( God willing )
Posted By: Directors, FmMedia
The efficiency, speed and accuracy of the insights provided by QDS was remarkable. Both management and staff have since adopted the models and approaches presented to us. We would gladly re-engage with QDS for our management, strategy and planning requirements in future.
Posted By: Directors: Vaximanzi Group and Zui Retail Store
My experience and engagement with QDS brought tremendous clarity and focus to my business operations and offered me new insights into manners and ways in which I can expand my business and improve staff performance. I am clearer about working on my business instead of in my business.
Posted By: Director, Anonymous


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