Leadership Team

LKFounder: Leyya Kalla
Quintessence Development Solutions, founded by Leyya Kalla is a management-consulting firm providing tailor made solutions for effective operational efficiency and lasting transformation. The company's focus was borne from Leyya's personal and extensive experience in the corporate banking environment for well over a decade. During that time Leyya was exposed to more than ten industries, assisting them in reprogramming their business operations and processes, to formulating their strategies and leading them through large scale change programs. She discovered that the biggest obstacle facing both small and large corporations stems from a lack of human commitment for the desired outcome. Personalities, negative attitudes and ego were significant distractions in lasting and effective progress.

There are often substantial gaps between the strategic goal and objectives in organisations and their operational day-to-day reality. Operational structures in weak organisations are usually over managed and under-led. Continuous change, innovation and efficiency, not coupled with sincere and truly inspirational leadership, would result in these objectives merely being platitudes and the benefit to the organisation would not be evident.

In order for Leyya to discover her own personal excellence she embarked on a rigorous self-development program. Throughout her experiences, she found that the inadequacy of the individual understanding, commitment and passion for success was missing. The corporate objective of maximising shareholder interest does not take into account sufficiently that that interest coincides with the development and evolvement of individuals. We often overlook the human asset. Motivating, inspiring and leading a human being, rather than a resource, leads to long lasting and sustainable results and engenders a sense of personal and collective excellence.

"In this time, where corporates and businesses are open to adopting alternative methods to gain efficiency of operations, a return to the treatment of all parts of the business (people, processes and products) as honoured and respected entities, begins to yield its transformational effects, those already implemented and witnessed by QDS’s existing client base." Leyya Kalla

SSPartner: Sumayya Surty

Sumayya Surty has been a strategic consulting for over 15 years. The combination of her experience within the entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and corporate space gives her a unique context to solutions.  Sumayya has worked across financial services, technology, telecommunication , products and resources industries across various areas of the value chain. This feeds into her agility and innovative thinking.   She is a motivated individual and thrives on ensuring her work adds value not only to the client sponsor but also in making a definite positive difference to an organisations performance or direction and effectively as much as possible to larger society.

Sumayya’s combined focus on innovation and solutions that are practical and cost effective lead to success. She assists Client’s decision making capabilities by assembly relevant information and leading ideas available to them.  Sumayya’s work style and delivery can be easily differentiated by her experience across industries and her involvement in projects from idea/concept to deployment. Her thinking is strategic; while her project and stakeholder management techniques fulfils on the strategic objectives and design. Her strength can be seen in her constant drive toward growing and expanding her knowledge in strategy design and solutions. She is a motivated individual and thrives on ensuring her work adds value not only to the Client sponsor but also in making an actual positive difference to an organisations performance or direction.  She does this by empowering her Clients and taking on new challenges with a broad perspective. Sumayya is able to achieve Customer Centricity while optimising the business (efficiency/bottom-line) and measuring the success of initiatives (top line).