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About QDS

QDS is a management-consulting firm providing both inner and outer personal and collective solutions for lasting transformation. QDS facilitates and guides towards realistic breakthroughs and transformations, by objectively reading a company’s present state, advising its key leaders and actively assisting its clients, via execution and implementation, toward their envisioned state of operations. QDS uses a range of tried and tested tools and techniques which have been adapted as part of the QDS Approach©

About Us

At QDS, our focus is on guiding and aiding businesses to make clear, informed decisions to traverse new growth paths towards their business and personal success. Ultimately, our value lies in providing unbiased insights, advice and execution assistance to transform and inspire businesses, operations and individuals so that behaviours, attitudes and transformations may result in a love of excellence.


QDS's approach to Management Consulting services are focused on the Minimum Viable Product and Agile Methodology. We have assessed the tried and tested methodologies and our style incorporates what is valuable from them, but leans toward the practical and implementable essence for businesses who are focused on rapid solutions. We approach each client engagement for its purpose and outcomes and leverage our panel of experts if and where needed. 


Contact us if you require Business Advisory, Execution and Support and if you want to inculcate cultures of supra efficiency and increased self and business awareness. We approach our challenges with a positive attitude of ease and excellence.

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