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marcoMarco Jacobs

Marco has completed his training in life coaching as well as neuro linguistic programming (NLP). With these certifications, his current MBA studies and years of experience in the corporate environment, he is able to add value to organisations by assisting them with their strategies and people development needs. He has been a Senior Manager in a bank and has gained extensive experience in strategic planning, pricing, new product development and product life cycle management.  He enjoys proposing new ideas and presenting concepts for approval by senior managers and executives. He is quite comfortable in the boardroom and always tries to contribute positively to discussions and debates.He graduated top of his class at Wits Business School on their Management Advancement Programme (MAP). He also scored full marks on the Life Coaching and NLP courses. He currently has a 73% average for his first nine completed modules on the MBA programme. People find him approachable and place a high value on his counsel.

MoMo Nanabhay

A Senior Executive with years of success achieving revenue, profit and growth objectives, Mo Nanabhay has extensive experience in franchising and retail which require both strategic and operational understanding of critical business drivers in the South African, African and Middle Eastern markets.Highly successful in building and operating franchise and retails brands, including consulting to various local and international brands and training, Mo Nanabhay led and motivated senior management teams and managed volumes in excess of ZAR 1 billion in annual revenues. With his host of ambitious business ventures and initiatives, it is not surprising Mo Nanabhay and his achievements have become symbolic of what is possible in Africa. He has cultivated a reputation of getting things done and done well.

tillyYousuf Tilly

Yousuf has assisted clients with their fund applications to the IDC, and the NEF amongst other public finance institutes and understands the process, language and positioning required at governmental levels. Yousuf’s ability to structure information led to several engagements to develop business materials. Proposals, business plans, marketing materials and even ghost-writing benefited from his understanding of business models and information architecture. Most noted was a multimedia presentation he developed for consultants to the Anglo Gold board. In 2012 Yousuf’s marketing bid won Sebata Group the Best Established Black Business in the Van Rjns BBQ Awards. Before joining Quintessence to write his first book, Yousuf has served on EXCO, communicated at almost every level of the organization, and continues to apply creativity to help businesses communicate effectively. With healthy skills and experience in creativity, business and technology, Yousuf is now developing content to help businesses get the results they want.

ZwanndaZwannda Mukwevho

Zwannda is an experienced professional with more than a decade worth that spans exceptional understanding of auditing, accounting, taxation, management accounting, strategy development and implementation to strategic financial analysis for increasing efficiencies and reducing costs while maintaining rapport with senior executives and project management. He holds a Bachelors of Commerce degree in Accounting, Honours in Bachelors of Commerce, Advanced project management qualification including Prince 2 methodology, has South African Institute of Chartered Accountants(SAICA)Articles (TIPP) or traineeship. He is also a registered auditor in public sector.


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